Radio and TV Shows

You can tune in to Aunty Nem’s award-winning radio show “SPARKS” for children and the young at heart every Saturday at 10 am CST on or Join in the fun with Mr. Sparkles, Hatie the little yellow duck, Bible Time, The Sound of the Day and more surprises.

Exposing Candy Coated Occult┬áis a radio show featured on on or every Friday at midnight CST. (Saturday 1 am EST.) Also airing Monday through Saturday at 10:30 CSO on with is “Praise Radio” aired out of Canada around the world.

This show is based on a book written by Nemra Rhoden, called Candy Coated Occult, dealing with everyday things of the occult that even Christians might miss. It is based on scriptures of the Bible. Several episodes can be found on YouTube: Click here to Listen!

  • The Shack
  • Pokemon Go
  • Flags Attracting Evil
  • Zombie Bride
  • Yoga and the Christian
  • The Descendants
  • Spirit Animal, Spirit Guides, Familiar Spirits

Nemra and Darrell can be seen singing most Sunday services as of Spring 2018 on Ozark Full Gospel Church’s YouTube Channel along with preaching by Pastor James Eakins. Click here to see service from August 19, 2018.